Thursday, August 13, 2009

That Orange Yarn

Well, I made something from that orange yarn. But, as usual, it doesn't quite fit an adult, as intended. It may have to be a toddler hat.
It was fun to make, I used a very easy and simple pattern that is modifiable with stitch designs of your choice. I made some modifications to the pattern, as it is for a 9 month old baby and I wanted it to fit a 30 year old (almost!) woman. Yes, the intended recipient does spend a lot of time out in the woods, during hunting season!
The hat took about 3 hours to complete, total.
I used size 7 US needles and cast on 82 stitches to start. I knit in ribbing stitch for 3.5" instead of 2.5" as called for. I should have knit the body of the hat an inch or two longer, not the 4.5 " the pattern calls for. It does fit, but is a little short when the ribbing is folded.
I have made this with a seed stitch for the body, instead of the block pattern it calls for, and I have also done it in a rib all the way up to the decrease section.
Cozy? Yes! Blindingly bright? Oh yes!

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Philigry said...

hey there, if you want the hat to fit you or an adult you may have luck blocking it. just soak for about ten minutes, squeeze the water out with a towel and pull it to the size you want, let dry. works like a charm.
also have you joined ravelry? oh you must! it is a free website for knitters, and there are tons of patterns to look at. you could type in "swing jacket" and see what you will find! you will be lost for hours, but it is glorious!