Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy First Birthday Aubrey!

A friend of mine had a baby girl last August 1st. A whole year ago-how can that be possible?!?When I caught wind that baby Aubrey would be receiving a hand made dolly from her mama for her birthday, the idea sprang into my head that the dolly needed a bed and a hand made quilt. I mean, don't all dollies need such accoutrements?!? I raided the stash of wood that is leftover from the camper cabinets...then cut out a design. Okay my husband consulted and sighed while I drew a design on a paper scrap to illustrate my plan.
The feet of the bed are craft apples, screwed into the bottom of the bed, primed and painted to match the rest of the frame.
I ransacked my stash of fabric and paint to create this little bed without having to buy anything.
I even had the chocolate brown quilt binding in the stash!
The pillow is made from leftover stuffing I made camper pillows with, and muslin for the pillow inner case.
The mattress, lovingly upholstered with a removable envelope sheet, is a leftover piece of camper cushion, cut to the size of the bed...
A quick walk through my garden to clip some birthday flowers and we were off to the party.
Ava enjoyed eating cake and watching Aubrey dig into hers...

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