Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple of My Eye

We took the apple of our eyes to pick apples at the orchard for the first time at Willow Pond Farm-one of our favorite places.
Here, you ride a horse drawn wagon out to the orchard followed by a tongue -wagging black dog and then visit the pigs, sheep and turkeys.
On the way out, they have yarn, pumpkins and cider for sale at the little farm stand by the road.
It is like Disney World-only the Maine version!
Ava loved every minute, and so did we-she ate an apple with her Dad for the first time-he didn't even have to show her how. This baby loves to eat. I wonder where she gets that?!?
I picked several bushels of apples for pies, applesauce and crisp while those 2 gorged themselves on apples and played in the trees. Ava's sweater was soaked with apple juice and her chin and hands were all sticky, but that is what being little is all about, isn't it?!?
Another gorgeous, crisp day with warm sun, this really is my favorite season. We will soon be picking a night for the big pumpkin carving, but first I have to go make a pie. Or three..

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Ebeth said...

OK, Meagan - your kiddo is absolutely scruptious!!!! There is nothing like having a daughter, is there??? Looks like you are having a wonderful fall in Maine! I'm so envious...the leaves are turning in Missoula on the tree lined streets, but it isn't the same as in Maine....oh, how I wish to smell the scent of decaying leaves!