Monday, September 8, 2008

The Hornet Takes Flight

My husband has been working all summer on a custom bicycle for our neighbor's daughter. Well, "working" and "all" may not be the right words... "Tinkering" and "as often as he can" are more in line with reality.
But finally, finally, as the start of the school year loomed, the bike came to be-the last bend of metal welded and buffed, sanded and ground, painted and clear coated. From scratch. From metal delivered to our house on a semi truck in the beginning of the summer. How my husband strained his brain to figure out how to get an 18 wheeler on our little street. He just had to have this metal tubing delivered.
I think our neighbor's daughter had either given up, or gotten over the idea, by the time the bike was finished. I don't think she believed she would ever really get to ride the finished bike. Waiting all summer when you are 8 years old, might as well be waiting until you are 25. I mean really. Where is my husband's sense of time?!?
But here it is. In all it's glory. So cute, so just right.
The Hornet takes flight!

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