Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Isn't this weekend supposed to be about not laboring?!? With the impending heating season upon us, we spent Sunday splitting wood. Lots and lots of wood. But not nearly enough. There is something unjust about splitting wood in the 80 degree heat, in the beating sun, sweating and swatting away bugs. It is hard to force yourself to remember that in 4 short weeks, we will need the wood for heat here. Our neighbor, again came to our rescue with his hydraulic truck so we could load the split wood right into the truck for transport to our house. We spent Monday hiking Morse Mountain to Sewall Beach, the same route we took on Mother's Day, at the beginning of the summer. Now we close out summer with one last trip to this special place. This time it was hot and buggy-poor little Ava (along with the rest of us) succumbed to a few mosquito bites, but the swimming in the icy cold water and the huge (for Maine!) waves made it worthwhile. Our neighbors invited us along on their "last day of summer" picnic, their daughters are starting the new school year tomorrow. Ava was delighted to have her pals with her, and we think she understands that this neighboring family is part of our tribe now. She sees them quite often, but never fails to be totally enamored to see them. She looks at me as if to say, "Can you believe it?!? They are here again! What fun!" We had a picnic, during which Ava didn't want to eat, the ocean was calling her. Our neighbor and their oldest daughter went way out in the depths and enjoyed the waves, while his wife, their younger daughter, Ava and I frolicked in the shallows on the shore. My husband ate his lunch, "being attacked by biting insects" while we enjoyed the last, succulent day of Maine summer. The hike back out to the car seemed long and the mosquitoes were "thick as molasses". We were all salty and tired, what a day, what a great close to summer.

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