Friday, September 19, 2008

Maiden Pumpkin Patch Voyage

Well, it certainly wasn't the maiden voyage for my husband and I, we are veterans of the autumn harvest for decoration pilgrimage. But as a family and for little Ava, it was our first time to the pumpkin patch. The air was perfect- cool & crisp, warm sun and the smell of apples, pumpkin molasses doughnuts and cider in the air.

Clearly a small someone wasn't so sure about being plopped down in a sea of orange creatures equal in size to herself, but once we got in there with her, she warmed up a bit. She kept looking apprehensively all around her-how small and vulnerable a child is in this world. It made me feel bad for her so I quickly got in there and held her. How much longer before I can't just jump in and hold her when she is scared... Not long enough I am sure.

We enjoyed swinging on the swing in the barn, though Ava would not let the tiny pumpkin she hand selected, out of her sight.

Not even to ride the vintage toy tractor.

I can't believe that she is sitting up and that she has obvious preferences. She looked over several pumpkins and gourds before carefully selecting this little specimen and she was clearly pleased with her choice. She held it up to show us as if to say, "can you believe what I found!?! It is just what I was looking for!" We have a small shopper on our hands. A savvy shopper at that. I wonder where she gets that?!? The tiny pumpkin now has to sit on the table next to her high chair during meals so that she may enjoy it's beauty. She asks for it-well sort of. She points and grunts and squeals at the poor little tooth marked pumpkin until we move it over to her. Then she is satisfied.

After a doughnut (or two!), a cup of lemonade, a loaf of homemade bread to take home and an autumn morning spent with two of my favorite people, I was quite satisfied too.

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Philigry said...

were you there today? I went with the kids, shannon, and lucy. we love going there! yummy!
i love the pictures of Ava. She looks like a gilpatrick!