Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wild Life Sighting

Okay, those who have visited likely have left with a feeling of sadness, and even a touch of depression...But Ava loves animals so we packed her up and headed to the Maine Wildlife Park for a visit. The fisher was the most popular with her, and her dad and I enjoyed just being outside in the early fall air. Together.
The groundhogs were a delight (especially since these 2 were not living under our porch!) and the turtles basked in the autumn sun...
We got a bit of exercise, a bit of fresh air and Ava enjoyed a stroller picnic outside. Who wouldn't love to eat Cheerios and cheddar cheese, wearing only one sock, with your feet up?!? Ahh, childhood...
We drove home with a sleeper in the backseat, and Chris made baby and parent sized turkey burgers on the grill for dinner-how cute!
A delicious close to a scrumptious family day.

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